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July 31 - August 12 2023

Dance of the Brushes

Japanese Art

Norbert van Halderen and Sharon Schoof


Norbert van Halderen practices the Japanese art for many years. His creatioms bring back the old Edo times by means of the traditional brushes. Based on experience, in depth knowledge of the material and feeling for creation he became a true Japanese Ink Painter.

Sharon Schoof, as a beekeeper, is daily in touch with the art and beauty of nature.  She became attracted to the Japanese art and over time developed her own style. It’s a pleasure to see her creating whilst the brushes dance over the paper. She became a true Ukiyo-E Artist.

Shinrin Yoku

Experience the awakening of a day with the traditional Shinrin Yoku. It is the base of forest bathing. Forest bathing invites visitors to become one with the trees the atmosphere of the forest. It is amazing how effective the contact with nature can be. It influences your health in a positive way. Japanese artists live in close contact with nature. It is their connection with the universe from which they create. We offer a unique opportunity to taste and participate in a small setting the Shinrin Yoku.

Mondays July 31 and August 7
Saturdays August 5 and August 12.

Start: 11.00
End: 12.00

After the session we will enjoy a nice cup of tea.


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