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May 31 – Augustus 23 2015

RECONSTRUCTIE #2, the early years of the VU Hortus

Bubba (2jr), Bo (1,5jr), Sehai Rafia (0,5 jr), Noa (4jr), Hakuna Matata (1jr), Rhodesian Ridgebacks, 2015, fotografie Joel Nieminen

Bubba (age 2), Bo (age 1,5), Sehai Rafia (age 0,5), Noa (age 4), Hakuna Matata (age 1), Rhodesian Ridgebacks, 2015, photography Joel Nieminen

The contribution of the VU Hortus to the Floriade 1972 is reconstructed in the Orangerie. It consists of a collection of succulents, the majority of which is the original material as used in 1972. The somewhat static composition functions as a backdrop for a photo shoot with dogs during the Viervoeters Doggy Marathon 2015 in the Amstelpark. Portraying (owners with) dogs is a fixed element of this yearly event.
in collaboration with VU Hortus and Viervoeters Doggy Marathon

Inzending van de VU Hortus voor de Floriade 1972, fotoalbum van Art Vogel

Entry of VU Hortus for the Floriade 1972, private album Art Vogel

Envelop met foto en informatie over de gepresenteerde succulenten, 2015, KCCM

Envelope with the botanical names of the presented succulents 2015, KCCM

Konijnenliefhebbers poseren met hun konijn voor een ginkgo boom in het Yoyogi park in Tokyo, 2010, KCCM

Rabbit owners posing with their rabbits in front of a Ginkgo tree,  Yoyogi park, Tokyo, 2010, KCCM

Binky op een blad van de Victoria Amazonica, Hortus Botanicus Leiden

Binky posing on a leaf of the Victoria Amazonica, Hortus Botanicus Leiden, 2014

Bezoek van Ramses Shaffy aan de Floriade 1972, Noord-Hollands Archief

Ramses Shaffy visiting the Floriade, 1972, Noord-Hollands Archief

Still uit videoclip Drank & Drugs (Lil’ Kleine en Ronnie Flex), Amstelpark 2015

Still from the videoclip Drank & Drugs (Lil’ Kleine en Ronnie Flex), Amstelpark, 2015