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Please help, vote for Buzzbench 2.0 and PIT

Zone2Source wants to install the Buzzbench 2.0 and PIT in the Amstelpark together with the artists AnneMarie van Splunter and Karin van Dam. Zone2Source is committed to positioning the Amstelpark as a park for art and ecology and these works of art fit in very well.
The municipality provides neighborhood budgets for which residents and organizations can submit plans. In the Zuid district, various areas each receive a neighborhood budget of € 100,000. Plans can be executed with that money. The more votes, the more likely the Buzzbench 2.0 and PIT will be in the Amstelpark. Vote for our plan via buurtbudgetzuidbuitenveldertzuidas.amsterdam.nl/plan/16759
Buzzbench 2.0

Buzzbench, AnneMarie van Splunter

AnneMarie van Splunter’s Buzzbench was placed in the Amstelpark five years ago, in collaboration with Zone2Source. AnnaMarie developed this sculpture with a bee expert, besides a sculpture, it is a bench and insect hotel. Buzzbench is located in the sunny Dahliarama of the Amstelpark as part of a bee ribbon through the city.
We are proud of the bank and want to keep the Buzzbench in the Amstelpark for years to come; due to the intensive use, a part has to be replaced. Buzzbench from reed and sheet material was a 5-year experiment that ends this year. A Buzzbench 2.0 of holes drilled robinia wood from Stadshout is more durable, requires less maintenance and serves more types of bees.

PIT, Karin van Dam

The artwork PIT by Karin van Dam, local resident of the South, also offers a seat in a sculpture that takes the form of a seed. The recurring life cycle / cycle of a tree with its seeds and kernels, its inexhaustible growth, is time and time again, season after season, something that transcends our human time span.
PIT is made by Karin van Dam from a metal frame with tubes of insulating material on which she wants to work in the park for a week, together with a group of people, volunteers from the neighborhood. The skin is built up as a shell of a thousand tubes that are inlaid transversely, dense and dark and will blend into its surroundings in a woody piece in the park. This is most similar to the seeds and kernels she found in the park. These are often colorless and pretend to be nonexistent or worn out, shriveled or rotten. However, the opposite is true. We want to place PIT in a special overgrown place in the park where people within the sculpture can experience nature in a special way.
Art for young and old
The artworks can be manufactured and placed within three months of selection. At the presentation of the two artworks we organize an opening and we make a festive afternoon for these artworks to which we invite everyone. The artworks are intended for everyone who
is interested in art and nature, or just wants a special unexpected experience and a place of peace and quiet. It is a special meeting for all people from young to old, an art that makes both reflection and place a moment of reflection and tranquility.