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Reading by Osmosis – a Book by Sema Bekirovic

On January 20th 2020, artist Semâ Bekirović presented her new book Reading by Osmosis – Nature Interprets Us at ICI Berlin (read more about the meeting on the ICI website and the Reading by Osmosis website). The book is part of her research project “Reading by Osmosis” which was exhibited at Zone2Source in early 2019, where the artist presented artworks formed by nonhuman actants, such as animals, trees, wind, and other natural processes.

Reading by Osmosis Book Cover (Photo courtesy to the artist)

Zone2Source is delighted to see Bekirović successfully finalize her research efforts. We hope to include Bekirovic’s Reading by Osmosis in our pending plan for a book presentation that introduces some book projects evolving from the collaborations with Zone2Source. Stay tuned for more information.
Read more about Semâ Bekirović’s exhbition Reading by Osmosis”  at Zone2Source, visit her website, or read more about the book or order the book.