Secret Signals Passages: Excursions and Performances

Sunday August 24, 12.30 – 17.30

For the finissage of the Secret Signals exhibitions we invite you for an afternoon in which we will discover the nature in the Amstelpark in a new way. Join Arend Wakker to experience the Amstelpark with different senses, collect and brew your own tea in the magical TeaMachine in the Orangerie, discover the edible park with Ronald Boer and prepare and enjoy your own Amstelpark pesto, listen to the Genetic Choir vocal exploration of the park and glimpse the spirits with a musical and visual performance by the Moonlighter’s Vanishing Point duo.

12.30 pm Secret Signals Amstelpark Excursion

Starting point Glazen Huis

Ecologist Arend Wakker will guide us on a one hour tour where we will experience the nature in the park with different senses.

Excursie Arend Wakker

2 pm, 3 pm and 4 pm

Tea Ceremonies by Grondvormen


As part of the installation The TeaMachine, participants will search for ingredients to make tea which will be brewed and consumed in the Orangerie.

Theemachine - GrondVormen Brouwsel TheeMachine - Grondvormen Grondvormen, Theemachine

2 – 3 pm Children’s workshop: Spirit Catching Thru Fairy Mud

The Tree Laticed Hut behind the Orangerie

A workshop for children in which the fairy mud which has been collected during The Secret Commonwealth Fairy Walk at Midsummer will be transformed into small objects which will be placed back in the woods as Spirit Catchers.


2 pm The Edible Garden

Starting from Rietveld Huis

Ronald Boer will lead participants on a walk through the park to discover and collect edible nature in the city, after which we will make various Amstelpark pestos!

Secret Signals het Eetbare Park Excursie Het Eetbare Park Excursie Het Eetbare Park Close-up

3.30 pm Drinks and bites with Amstelpark pesto in the Orangerie garden


4 pm The Genetic Choir performs Three Songs

Starting Point Orangerie Garden

This improvising vocal ensemble creates spontaneous music in response to their environment and conditions. They will create three unique responses in song to three particular locations in the Amstelpark leading the audience on a tour as part of the piece.

Secret Signals The Genetic Choir

5 pm The Moonlighter’s Vanishing Point performs Ghost Traps in Broad Daylight

Starting Point Orangerie Garden

The Moonlighter’s Vanishing Point is a duo (Alfredo Genovesi and Lee Ellickson) who interpose improvised music and imagery devised from a guitar, a projector and various objects. They will perform in the woods with a work entitled Ghost Traps in Broad Daylight.

 Secret Signals The Moonlighter's Vanishing Point

Performances, Public Program