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Excursion Secret Signals by Arend Wakker

July 6, 2 – 4 PM
Assemble at Glazen Huis
Ecologist Arend Wakker will take you on a walk through the Amstelpark in
which we will experience the park through different senses than usual. How
do we experience the park with closed eyes, and how do we perceive it when
we cut out sounds? Can you recognize the lower part and front of a tree by
its smell? How does the earth smell and does the acoustics of a birk tree
differ from that of an oak? Join us on this tour for some unusual
The excursion, which last 1,5 hour after which there will be a
presentation of the exhibitions, is led by Arend Wakker in collaboration
with the IVN (Institute for Nature and sustainbility). Arend Wakker is
originally a geologist who developed himself into a botanical specialist
and provides many exciting nature excursions and courses with his
organization Open Oog productions(www.openoogprodukties.com)