testing ground for art & ecology

Seminar Ecological Space Engineering by Jos Volkers

Wednesday February 11, 7-9 pm, het Glazen Huis
participation: € 5, reservations: info@zone2source.net
Ecological Space Engineering is an experiment with closed eco systems in which Jos Volkers examines how life develops under limited circumstances. In this seminar we will explore the fascinating history and future of research of closed ecological systems through various sources and materials. We will look at large scale projects such as BIOS3 and Biosphere2, the research that Gerard O’Neill conducted for the NASA for which he developed cylindrical habitats which recently appeared on the big screen, and consider the theories of James Lovelock which were inspired by this research. Taking his own visual research as a starting point, the artist will take you into a hypothetical world of phantasy, ethics and science while exploring the role art can play in the midst of it.