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Tactile Sound – Workshops participants wanted

On weekdays (18-21 and 25-28 November), artist Adi Hollander is inviting children, seniors and the hearing impaired to free listening workshops using her specially designed water beds to “listen” through the whole body rather than only through the ears.

Hollander is conducting research into the tactility of sound and the use of sound vibrations to improve speech and comprehension, creating an archive of sounds that can be recognized in their vibration form. The artist, partially hearing-impaired, is studying through her work how deaf children play with and respond to sound and music as vibration.
The workshops on tactile sound are open to individuals and groups and they are personalized according to the participants’ interests which may include learning to recognize sounds and music or feeling the physical movement of voices. Workshops are by appointment and last one to two hours.
Participation cost: free/gratis
Dates: 18-21 and 25-28 November
Address: Zone2Source (Het Glazen Huis), Amstelpark, 1083 HZ Amsterdam
Please contact to book an appointment
Contact info:
aholl-studio@gmail.com (English)
communicatie@zone2source.net (Dutch)