testing ground for art & ecology
29th May - 13th June, 2021

Aardtijd artistic research in process with Jacqueline Heerema

Jacqueline Heerema and work by Eline Kersten

29th May – 13th June, 2021
Visible through the window and open during a public day 

For two weeks, artist Jaqueline Heerma will use het Glazen Huis as a workspace for artistic research. In 2019 she already conducted research in the Land in Wording. During the Exploded View project she showed the work Breath of Soil (s) at Zone2Source. Het Land in Wording is the only piece of Amstelpark that is still more or less original polder landscape. The rest of the park was raised in the 1950s with limestone-poor Pleistocene sand.
In the Glass House, Jacqueline works with soil samples and all kinds of material about the Land in Wording, and on the projects Soft Soils, Aardtijd and new research. She uses the work period to reflect, document and prepare for a follow-up project in 2022. At the end, Jacqueline also works together with Eliane Kersten, an artist whose work was also shown during Exploded View. Together they work on a video as a reflection on Exploded View.
The working period starts on May 29 with the Sensoilations Sessions, an online presentation by Tanya Lippmann, Jaqueline Heerema and Eliane Kersten broadcasted from Zone2Source and Amstelpark as part of a 24h Global Online Peat-Fest.

The Glass House