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30 September 2022 – 17 October 2022

Sonic Acts 2022: In Curved Water

Part of the exhibition one sun after another

Tomoko Sauvage

Sound artist and musician Tomoko Sauvage is best known for her experiments with hybrid instruments combining water, ceramics, sub-aquatic amplification, and electronics. Her work ‘In Curved Water’ is part of SONIC ACTS BIENNIAL 2022 exhibition, along with more installations, workshops and public events to be announced.
The sound installation is created by waterdrops playing a random percussion, as suspended crystal ice blocks melt and drops ceaselessly fall into twelve procelain bowls of water. As some are amplified and others ring naturally, a trompe-l’oreille effect is created and electronic and acoustic sound are blurred.

→ ‘In Curved Water’ will be at Zone2Source in Amstelpark from 30 September to October 17, 2022, as part of the exhibition one sun after another
→ Interested in getting access to all SONIC ACTS BIENNIAL 2022 events with one ticket? https://bit.ly/3QGYIb1