testing ground for art & ecology
7 September 2014 – 12 October 2014

Work Out Garden (Studio for Walking Gardens)

Exhibition by Artist in Residence

PJ Roggeband


Orangerie: September 7 until October 12 2014
Opening September 21 3-5 pm. Artist Talks October 12 at 4 pm

Uitlaattuin PJ Roggeband 480x320

During 5 weaks PJ Roggeband is the second artist that will spend a period in the Amstelpark for an artistic research. In this period he develops and presents his project UITLAATTUIN (Walking Garden). In the Orangerie several prototypes of the UITLAATTUIN shall be displayed. In addition, a number of new models are being developed such as the UITHUILTUIN (crying garden) and the KRONKELTUIN (winding garden).

Also, there will be a small review of previous green projects such as MAP (2009), an expedition through cracked allotments in Utrecht; ORANGE SECRET (2008), a project on ‘Regal Gardening’ as a result of the, at that time, startling Regal Palace Garden at Honselersdijk and the social art project NOOTGROEN (2012-2015).
In addition to his ‘workshop for possible Gardens’, from Friday to Sunday open to the public, artist and garden fantasist PJ Roggeband also researches the role that nature and mobile portable green can play in the urban environment. Of course, some Walking Gardens are available for a walk through the park.