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After the water walk and the waterzooi lunch, we returned leftovers to the water. Remnants of the meal we serve on rice sheets to the lobsters, water fleas, post horn snails, algae and diatom where they float like water lilies before disappearing below the surface of the water.
The participants in this lunch in the Orangery contribute their expertise. Just like the ingredients for the waterzooi, they differ in characteristics. Together, they contribute to the awareness of the stratification of the park and to the experience of the park as a whole.
2015-10-24 16.17.50
Waterzooi recipe:
Catch a fish and / or eel from the Amstel (or buy the fish). Make broth from the bones and head from the fish. Peel and cut celeriac and potato. Cut the leek and carrot. Cook everything in the broth with lemon juice, then add the fish.