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Work period Robbert van der Horst

Postponed: because of unforeseen circumstances the work period and a presentation in the Orangerie with the artist Robbert van der Horst (scheduled for two weeks in August and September) is postponed to a later date.

The work that Van der Horst will develop during his time in the Orangerie is a continuation and deepening of UNBUILD/T, a series of photographic macro landscapes. He will take the Orangerie itself as a starting point, and goes in search of traces of exchange between natural processes and the man-made object.
The microscopic view of architecture that reveals these landscapes works for Robbert as an echo of our actions. In the details, which reveal themselves as an intermediate phase of object and molecule, the afterimage or dream of a landscape without human presence arises. This touches on questions that also underlie his own fleeting structures: How can and should I build something when I don’t want to take up space, what is the position of my buildings in relation to nature and infinite space and what concepts do I use to interpret this?
Robbert van der Horst previously worked with Zone2Source in 2018 when he presented his work Complex Compound during the exhibition Going Nomad