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Workshop on Speculative Biology by Pinar Yoldas

Workshop on Speculative Biology
9 July 13.00 – 15.00  het Glazen Huis
Participation is free, for reservations info@zone2source.net
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This workshop investigates the impact of biotechnology on contemporary art, and the artists’ response to advances in this field. Biological arts is a young, rapidly growing and a very promising feld of art, situated in the fringes of the conventional art world and the art market. Pinar Yoldas will be discussing bio-artists and artistic synthetic biology projects that imagine new future life forms. In a plausible future where designing genomes is something that could easily be accomplished within the convenience of our garden or kitchen, what new life forms, what new bodies can be designed ? Can artists and designer who have tackled with this problem give us an advanced hindsight on the victories and perils of techno-scientific modification of life? In this short workshop we will survey the seemingly short history of bio-arts and design our   own speculative life forms using our imaginations of what future life on our planet might evolve into.
This exhibition is financially supported by the Stimuleringsfonds and SAHA
More information: www.pinaryoldas.info