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Zoo of the Future becomes Quarantine Zoo

In consultation with ZOOOF team we have decided that the Zoo of the Future exhibition will be physically quarantined due to the COVID19 virus. We also decided to postpone the exhibition to June 14. We hope we can invite you again from June 1 and have our public debate on sunday June 14. Keep checking our updates.
Zoo of the Future will only be visible from outside Het Glazen Huis. By making optimal use of the transparency of the building, we want to give everyone who comes to the Amstelpark a chance to at least see the zoo of the future. The coming weeks we will be inventing new ways to involve you in the exhibition on your visit to the park. ZOOOF will record live videos and footage to bring the ZOOOF world to your homes on www.zooofthefuture.com.

The goal of the exhibition is to gather your ideas for the zoo of the future, this is why we kindly ask you to write a letter to an animal in your future zoo and send your own to brief@zooofthefuture.com. which we will gather on our website and are on view on the glass windows of the pavillion.

See also https://zooofthefuture.com
Zoo of the Future becomes Quaratine Zoo