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September 28 - 29, 2019

Exploded View: Park Explorations

A full weekend in september 2019 with performances, expeditions, archeological research, experiments and more. Scroll down for the program and the handout
Saturday 28 September 2019, 2 – 6 PM
14:00 – 17:00 Jacqueline Heerema, Onland – location ‘t Land in Wording (no 18 map Amstelpark)
15:30 – 18 uur Curdin Tones en Frank Muller  – Out of Home, a Guide to Getting lost (start het Glazen Huis)
Sunday 29 September 2019, 12.30- 6 PM start het Glazen Huis (scroll down for program details)
Presentations of Birthe Leemeijer, Jasper Coppes, Barbara Neves Alves, de Onkruidenier, Eline Kersten, Pavel van Houten, Cathelijne Montens & Krijn Christiaansen and Collectief Walden

Exploded View invites artists and designers to explore urban landscapes through their heritage. The project focuses on the Amstelpark in Amsterdam and the Parco Regionale dell’Appia Antica in Rome. The project is a collaboration with CLUE+/heritage studies Vrije Universititeit en curator in Rome Krien Clevis and started in the fall of 2018 through symposia and expert meetings between artists, designers, researchers and policy makers. The goal is to develop new perspectives and visions on these parks within a changing contemporary urban landscape. Twelve artists participated over the last few months in an exploration of the Amstelpark. Spring 2020 this will result in an exhibition in the Amstelpark, while the work on the Via Appia park will be simultanously presented at Art et Amitiae and Allard Pierson Museum.
More information about Exploded View on our project website 
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On Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 of september findings of the research are presented in the Amstelpark by ten of the twelve participating artists. To present artistic research on a park in that same park means we will not present any lectures on the topic but instead the artists and designers will take the audience with them in their exploration during walks, experiments, performances and soundscapes to put a focus on the park from a wide variety of viewpoints.

Saturday 28 September, 2 – 5 PM Jacqueline Heerema, Onland – location: ‘t Land in wording (no. 18 on the map of Amstelpark between the pont and the Amstel )
We usually explore a landscape horizontally. On Saturday afternoon, September 28, we explore the underground landscape vertically in an attempt to unravel different storylines and perceptions of time, nature and culture. Jacqueline Heerema invites you to join an artistic field research.Together with AWN – Volunteers in Acheology The Hague, geologist Bert van der Valk (Deltares) and climate scientist Tanya Lippmann (VU) she researches the layers of soils of Land in wording at Amstelpark. You can join at any moment to contribute to the research.

15:30 – 17 uur Curdin Tones en Frank Muller  – Out of Home, a Guide to Getting lost
Locatie: start het Glazen Huis
In this workshop, we will invite you ‘to get lost’. Following a short introduction, objects will take you by the hand and lead you in the Amstelpark. Back at Glazen Huis we will collectively share our fieldwork experience. The workshop is part of an artistic research project on intimacy and public pace, aiming at developing tools that have the power to trigger interaction between people and environment.

Sunday 29 september 12 – 6 PM

12:00 inloop het Glazen Huis
12:30 introduction Exploded View by Alice Smits (director Zone2Source)
* at an unknown moment in the program Collective Walden offers a Breaking News message

12:45 Jasper Coppes
sound installation, throughout the day
outside het Glazen Huis
Starting from his research how landscape parks can be an excercise terrain for our relation with (wild) nature, Jasper introduces sound recordings of creatures from Groenland in the Amstelpark. How is it to hear them in the Amstelpark? Does it change our relation to the park? We will listen near het Glazen Huis, followed by a conversation.

1:30 De Onkruidenier (Ronald Boer en Jonmar van Vlijmen)
walk 45 minuten
Location: starting point het Glazen Huis
At the end of their research phase for Exploded View the Onkruidenier brings three plants in the park in the spotlight. During a walk alongside three locations they speculate on how we can imagine the entaglement between naturen in the city and the human environment. In this way the Onkruidenier develops a new lexicon for the park.

2.30 Pavel van Houten
performance 10 minuten
outside het Glazen Huis

Pavèl van Houten did his research in both the Amstelpark en the Parco Via Appia, Rome by following and filming caretakers of the park. For the  video installation he is creating he developed in collaboration with soprano Charlotte Munnik a music piece inspired by Funeral Canticle of composer John Tavener. Charlotte Munnik wil perform this piece outside het Glazen Huis.

3:00 break

Eline Kersten, Humming Trees
video (head phones, 10 minutes)
location: outside het Glazen Huis, throughout the day

Eline shows a 10 minute montage of Humming Trees, a work in development in which she portrays three women and their spiritual relation with trees. This film is a first step in a research into the ways trees provide insights and are part of various cultural and mythological traditions.

3:45 Birthe Leemeijer, Plants Eye View
reading and  experiment
location: grass of cafe de Hop near the pont)
Plants posses the capacity to see, writes the Italian botanical professor Mancuso in his book on Plant revolution. Epidermal cells of plants are convex and work like lenses. A century ago professor Wager demonstrated this at an international conference in Dublin with images. Birthe has tried to figure out and repeat the experiment of Wager. The results of this research she elaborates in a letter to professor Mancuso which she will read, followed by a group portret made through her interpretation of the Wager experiment.

4:30 Krijn Christiaansen en Cathelijne Montens (KCCM)
sound event, 15 min plus conversation
Location: Bench near former pavillion where Grace Kelly baptized a lily in 1972

Through a videocast on your cellphone you can follow a conversation between plants that grow in or near the Amstelpark. The plants daydream about their life in the park in the past, the present and the future.
5:00 Barbara Neves Alves
sound walk 30 minutes plus conversation

Location: start olive tree in Italian Garden, conversation in het Glazen Huis

Barbara’s presentation relates to researching the park through its soundscape. She explores the question of how sounds and landscape relay, and how important listening is to the experiencing of space. We will experiment a collective mode of listening by together walking through the park. The tour of the park will be a silent one and the audience will be asked to register what they hear as we move through the park. After, we will  join notes and comments in a conversation about this experience.
6:00 End and drinks

Wouter Osterholt, In Defense of Trees
In the next weeks Wouter will present the results of his research at unannounced moments on diverse locations in the Amstelpark. The documentation of these actions are used for a film that will be shown next year. In Defense of Trees is an exploration of a future scenario in which all trees in the park will disappear. The script is based on real protests of concerned citizens, who stood up against the cutting of trees in their direct surroundings.

Find the programma below or download as pdf