testing ground for art & ecology
16 July 2022, 14.00 – 17.00 hrs

Future Gardening

Kate Foster and RE-PEAT

Peat soils forms very slowly but it is still exploited for the horticultural industry faster than it can possibly grow. Realising how important peat-free gardening is, Kate Foster invited the youth led collective RE-PEAT to hold the workshop Future Gardening during Our Living Soil exhibition. Changing gardening practices has been one of RE-PEAT’s foci in their work pushing for a peatland paradigm shift.

Our workshop will present both art and science to ask: what has potting soil got to do with peatlands? And why are peatlands so important? Starting from the setting of Amstelpark we will ask: what can everyone do? What habits need to change? What about national and political level?

We will go on to think how we could communicate ideas for better future gardening, that is peat-free. Participants will be invited to craft suggestions, making messages in collage and text. The crafting process will be relaxed and informal, a chance to share ideas while chatting with the RE-PEAT team members and artist Kate Foster.

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