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June 24, 2022 11.00 – 17.00 hrs

Machine Wilderness art-science fair

During Machine Wilderness residencies in ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo, 8 artists are conducting experiments and research into the relationship between humans, nature and technology. They will present their experiments, experiences, observations on Friday 24 June during the Machine Wilderness art-science fair in the newly opened ARTIS Groote Museum. The fair is a day of informal presentations where our participants show their research on tables and installations, so vistors can chat with them or join little experiments. Can you hear an ant walking?

Art-science fair

From 11:00 until 17:00 the residency participants will be showing live demo’s and experiments. The artists Heather Barnett, Ivan Henriques, Driessens & Verstappen, Antti Tenetz, Špela Petrič, Ian Ingram and Thomas Thwaites will present their research results – almost all in person – on the 24th June. The students of ArtScience Interfaculty also show results from their research period in ARTIS.

Has Ian Ingram’s robot learned the body language of the Crowning Pigeon? What did Antti Tenetz discover about the nightlife of wolves? Has Thomas Thwaites managed to weave a car from willow? And what did the SPOTTER, an artificial intelligence, observe during her visit to several animals in ARTIS? Ask them yourself, or come to their morning talks with caretakers and other experts whom the artists worked with as part of their research.


11:00 – 11:30 Opening performance
The Fair opens with a performance by dancer and choreographer Kenzo Kusuda, who was also a guest teacher during the 2 week ArtScience Interfaculty course “Why look at animals” hosted by Cocky Eek during Machine Wilderness at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo.

11:30 – 12:30 Artists conversations #1
After the opening performance we’ll have a first block of conversations with the participating artists and guests.

13:30 – 14:30 Artist conversations #2 & student presentations
In the afternoon we have a second block of conversations with the artists and students of ArtScience interfaculty will present some of their research.

Artis – Groote Museum