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May 15, 2022, 15 – 17h

Perfect Nature – Nature’s Ghosts

Part of the Shadow Floriade

Neal White & Tina O’Connell

Workshop Perfect Nature – Nature’s Ghosts by Neal White & Tina O’Connell
The Glazen Huis | May 15, 2022, 15 – 17h | Part of the Shadow Floriade
Neal White and Tina O’Connell lead a workshop in which the public can create their own spectral reconstructions of both recently lost and newly found species using light based camera technology. Between 15.00 – 17.00 you can walk into the back of the Glazen Huis for the workshop. The artists will introduce their work and take a picture, which will be sent directly to the participants.

Artists Neal White and Tina O’Connell invite you to participate in a 10-minute workshop and campaign aimed to highlight the impact of human behaviour on biodiversity, including the destruction of moth and other insect populations that are part of our ecology. During this event the artists will take your own spectral images, using the special photo technique they used for their installation Truth to Nature.

In April, the artists wandered around the Amstelpark late at night and early in the morning, to capture the sounds of bats and moths living in the park an to create images of both recently ‘extinct’ moths and newly discovered ones in Northern Europa and the Netherlands. Changes are occurring due to climate change, and the constant human destruction of habitats, including increasing levels of light pollution and removal of wild pasture.

Practical information

Date: Sunday May 15, 2022
Time: 15.00 – 17.00h
Location: Glazen Huis
Ticket: n/a
Language: English

Glazen Huis

The Glazen Huis