testing ground for art & ecology
June 4 and June 11, 2023

Plantas Harmonias: Cyanotype & Kurkuma Workshops

Farah Rahman

For Plantas Harmonias: Connecting continents through medicinal and ritual plants, artist Farah Rahman will guide two cyanotype and kurkuma/turmeric anthotype workshops in which we will create our own photographic prints using sunlight, water and organic materials from the Amstelpark area.

While collecting these plants and materials, we delve deeper into their meaning and history, allowing you to build your own personal narrative around the plants you choose. At the end of the workshop, participants can take their own cyanotype prints home. The kurkuma prints will be left behind and continue to develop as part of the exhibition.

The workshops will take place on Sundays June 4 and June 11, starting at 12:00pm. For all ages from 8 to 88. Families welcome. To register to either workshop please send an e-mail to communicatie@zone2source.net

In Plantas Harmonias: connecting continents through medicinal and ritual plants, artist Farah Rahman guides visitors through her research process during her weekly working sessions, workshops, and expeditions in the park. The exhibition will thus become a place for presentation and fieldwork, with the Amstelpark as a laboratory for research into complex (post)colonial relationships between people and plants.