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29th May 2021
Online Event

Sensoilations during 24h Global Online Peat-Fest

4 sensoilation sessions during the 24hr Global Online Peat-Fest
May 29, 2021, 10AM – 9PM (online)
With Sphagnum papillosum, Tanya Lippmann, Jacqueline Heerema and Eline Kersten
As part of the Global Online Peat-Fest Tanya Lippmann, Jacqueline Heerema and Eline Kersten, the latter two participated in the Zone2Source project Exploded View in 2019 and 2020, will present a number of Sensoilation sessions from the Amstelpark. In the two weeks after these sessions Jacqueline Heerema and Eline Kersten will keep working in Zone2Source at Het Glazen Huis.

Each sensoilation session will include an exchange between Sphagnum papillosum, Peat Poetry, Soils Spheres (each a sensorial workshop of 10 minutes), and word-exercises in-between sciences, arts and activism. The sessions will be live from peat-related sites across Amsterdam: the Green Tribe, the Land in Wording, Amstelpark, and by the Amstel River itself.
04.30-05.00 pre-recorded session
09.00-09.30 live at Green Tribe
15.00-15.30 live at Land in Wording/Zone2Source
21.00-21.30 live along the Amstel River
Midnight-to-Midnight full program of Peat-Fest 2021 Peat-Fest 2021
Hosted by RE-PEAT Collective, an activist Youth-Led collective pushing for a peatland paradigm shift, with special thanks to the Green Tribe and Zone2Source.
Sphagnum papillosum (Earth, 100,000 yrs BP – now, _) is a species that not only decontaminates the atmosphere, but provides a living-non-living habitat to millions of other species. Sphagnum is both a type of vegetation and the primary contributor to a peatland, and peatland soil. Sphagnum peatlands grow locally here in the Netherlands but it can also be said that the Dutch land mass was formed by and is (almost entirely) composed of Sphagnum.
Tanya Lippmann (Australia, 1988; they/their) is a PhD candidate within the Climate and Biogeosciences Research Cluster at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
Jacqueline Heerema (Netherlands, 1958; she/her) is conceptual artist and (sub)urban artist-curator. Jacqueline is fascinated by the construction of ‘time’ and changing perceptions of value systems, which we often take for granted.
Eline Kersten (Netherlands, 1994; she/her) is an artist and artist-curator. She is interested in the meaning we give to landscapes through the stories we tell about them, and the way these are personally, politically, historically or ecologically colored.