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22 July 2023

Test drive of the ‘Harmless Car’ by Thomas Thwaites

Thomas Thwaites

The concept for the Harmless Car was developed during Thomas Thwaites’ participation in the Machine Wilderness residencies at ARTIS Royal Zoo, which Zone2Source organised in spring 2022. His envisaged Harmless Car will be a ‘family car’ of which its production process, materials and eventual use is harmless to all beings and things, in perpetuity. This doomed process, attempting to make a completely harmless yet road-legal car, is a means of exploring and questioning our design processes, who we design our technologies for and what damage we are willing to accept.

During the exhibition Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, various workshops, events and debates will be organised. On 22 July Thomas Thwaites will give a lecture, and drive the Harmless Car through the Amstelpark. You are welcome from 4 pm to 6 pm to attend the test drive and talk by the artist.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. the first comprehensive solo exhibition by Thomas Thwaites on Sunday, June 9th, from 4 pm to 6 pm at het Glazen Huis. In the context of a selection of his works from the past, Thomas Thwaites will work on his newest project called Harmless Car, turning the exhibition into a workspace where together with visitors he will work and speculate on the (im)possibilities of ‘harmless’ design during his residency from 9–22 July 2023. The exhibition will remain on view until September 10.

Watch the video of the harmless car test drive here