testing ground for art & ecology
Zondag 14 februari, 16:00 – 18:00 uur

Values and Yields

Discussion on ecosystems and financial exchange

Debra Solomon en Jaromil Roio

With: Stacy Herbert (Russia TV co-host, Financial War Report), Ron Peperkamp (Founder of the Kunst Reserve Bank) Josephine Bosma (Net.art critic and historian), Merijn Oudenampsen (Sociologist, University Tilburg), Koert van Mensvoort (artist and Creative Director, Next Nature)on a panel which will be co-provoked by the Entropical artist duo, Debra Solomon and Jaromil Roio.  
A range of experts from the fields of digital art and the financial sector will be participating in a panel discussion, debating the issues raised by Entropical which includes an installation titled REALBOTANIK in which topsoil generating fungi are grown with the waste-heat generated by mining BitCoin.
Entropical is an artistic inquiry into incentives for ecological regeneration in an age in which running computer programs yields considerably more value than food production or ecological remediation. What is the logic behind the market-driven attribution of financial values? Why is the transformation of energy into digital signals much more valuable than the production of natural ecosystems? What new forms of incentives for life-supporting environments can we imagine will exist, in a world where ‘use value’ and ‘exchange value’ are set so far apart?