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Zone2Source 4-year grant Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

Verse bloemen uit het Amstelpark
The Zone2Source team and board are happy, excited (and relieved) that Zone2Source has been included for the first time in the 4-year Arts Plan (2021 – 2024) of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK)!
The committee writes: “The foundation’s artistic starting point to link art, nature and technology from a positive perspective has an original signature ….. .. emphasizing culturally diverse perspectives on the relationships between nature and according. The ‘Experimental Garden for the Chtulucene’ program is a new era, in which the relationship between man and earth is radically rethought and in which we celebrate our entanglement with all life around us ….. and places, not man at the center, but the joy and pleasure of the entanglement of all life. The committee finds this a stimulating artistic perspective”.
The 4 year support from the Arts Plan provides Zone2Source with a fantastic and necessary basis to continue our ambitions in the coming years and develop a sustainable organization which engages with artistic research and projects that delve into the urgent ecological questions of our time.
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