testing ground for art & ecology
June 26 - July 18 2023

Arbuscules and Constellations

Annabel Howland

Arbuscule 01, Annabel Howland, 2023, pen and ink on paper 125mm x 180mm

Annabel Howland’s work evolves through artistic research into subjects or phenomena which intersect in between art, science and finance. The creative process of exploring a subject from many angles and passing it through different media and artistic languages opens up new spaces for the viewer, for imagination, and for nuanced reflection.

The artist will spend the next couple of weeks up to 18 July, exploring Amstelpark and holding drawing, talking and walking sessions with artists, scientists and performers to discuss and explore issues around cross-disciplinary projects, and drilling into the fundamental questions at the heart of what we do – what drives us, what drives us nuts?  A long drawing/collage will evolve along the lines of the Surrealist cadavre exquis (Consequences).

Our collective “exquisite corpse” will be revealed on Tuesday 18 July in the Orangerie Park Studio from 18:00. There will also be another screening of Annabel’s film This Entangled Land (24′) to round off this residency.