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21 June 2014 – 24 August 2014

Tea Machine

Project by the artist collective Grondvormen

Nienke Sybrandy, Sander Boeijink & Jeroen Wand

The Orangerie, 21 June – 24 Augustus 2014
De Theemachine is an art project by the artist collective Grondvormen. They will settle in the Orangerie this summer as part of Zone2Source’s open park studio.

Grondvormen presents a large mythical installation in which both new and previously realized laboratory installations are combined and connected to form the ultimate tea brewery. The Theemachine is an installation of plants, glass, volumes and curious objects which give the impression of a laboratory with aspects bordering on the incredible. The almost inimitable maze of tubes, hoses, laboratory glass and plants evokes curiosity and challenges the viewer to discover the workings of the machine, in which the border between fact and fiction disappears. During the exhibition, elaborate tea ceremonies will be organized. As part of the ceremonies, a wild harvest walk in which the public explores the park to find ingredients for tea will be offered. Tea forms the substance for an exploration of the cross points of natural and cultural meanings.
To participate in a tea ceremony look for forthcoming announcements on our website, as well as at http://www.grondvormen.nl


About the artists
Grondvormen is a collaboration between Nienke Sybrandy, Sander Boeijink and Jeroen Wand, which began during their studies at the Sandberg Institute. By immersing themselves in the botanical field, Grondvormen provides a platform for the inherent aesthetics of nature, without avoiding idiosyncrasies and absurdity. The cultural-historical meanings of the flora and objects used are also examined and made known so that different world views can be juxtaposed and compared.