testing ground for art & ecology
8 May - 16 June 2024

Mock Wild

Genomic Gastronomy

MOCK WILD by Genomic Gastronomy prototypes a dual-circulation food system that connects two complementary (but differently optimised) farming typologies. We explore if and how digital tools and AI can aid in the creation of viable and desirable recipes that are nutritionally-complete and ecologically-minded.

In this artistic research project we use artificial intelligence, test kitchen labs and public tastings to connect high-tech, highly-efficiency alternative protein ingredients with agro-ecological, biodiverse, and hyper-resilient food forest ingredients.

In spring 2024, the artists will create recipes generated by the digital tools and serve via a pop-up food cart . They will work in the Orangerie greenhouse for a month and engage with visitors and passers-by in various workshops and events.


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