testing ground for art & ecology
17 - 27 June 2024
Park Studio


Jacqueline Heerema

Jacqueline Heerema will be the artist-in-residence in the Park Studio (Orangerie) for two weeks. Come by on June 26 between 3:00 PM and 19:00 PM, or make an appointment to view her current work in progress.

Park Studio de Orangerie facilitates emblematic encounters between porcelain and living botanical heritage. Artist Jacqueline Heerema challenges our power of imagination to create a more sensuous, affectionate worldview. As an exercise in anticipation of a future climate, Jacqueline invites the public to become part of the creation of a trace fossil: a material testimony of the petrified movement of a living or dying organism. Wonder and astonishment for the generative and transformative powers of nature guide this research into the beauty of earthly vulnerability and transience. A project at the intersection of art with geology and archeology for unknown future posterity.

During this 2nd residency in the Park Studio, Jacqueline continues artistic research that she previously started at the invitation of Zone2Source into Land in Wording, a place in the Amstelpark where, as the map of the Amstelpark tells us, the original soil from before the Floriade (1972) would still exist. In 2019, as part of her participation in Exploded View, in the presence of an audience and invited guests Jacqueline performed a 10-meters deep soil drilling with a geologist to a time depth of approximately 6,000 years and invited a climate scientist, a philosopher and historian to share narratives about the strata that cover an archive of thousands of years. Since then, Jacqueline is the guardian of this underground living climate archive and has been working on a series of projects, exhibitions and public interventions about sensuality, sense of touch, vulnerability and transience as a reflection of a future climate.

Previous projects at Zone2Source are Onland (2019), Breath of Soil(s) (2020), aardtijd (2021), Dagzomen (2022), It’s a love story: Earthly Provenance | Ancestral Intimacy (2022). Since 2000 she explores the scopes of circulair conceptual ceramics and is regular artist-in-resident (EKWC, the European Ceramic Work Center in 2020; EKWC 2021; Cascadas Artspace Barcelona 2022; ClayKitchen Portugal 2023).


Park Studio (de Orangerie)