testing ground for art & ecology
July 5 - July 31 2022

Swamp Afternoons

Jacqueline Heerema

Moerasmiddagen is a participatory public programme with sensory research about experiencing the vulnerability of the soil. Jacqueline Heerema will make a radio play (podcast) about sensuality and climate in co-creation with the public and the soil. The Park Studio will be an experimental sensory test space for encounters between people and the soil, which lives, breathes, grows and shrinks. Through various workshops with experts, such as expeditions to Land in the Making and a soil drilling in Almere, all senses are activated to discover what is usually not visible or tangible. The discovery of something as natural as the ground beneath our feet is the goal of this sensory research. Jacqueline is also developing a radio play (podcast). It will become part of the visitor’s experience in the open air and during Land in wording. In addition, the radio play will also be available in the Amstelpark after Our Living Soil.

Jacqueline Heerema in de Park Studio van Zone2Source in de zomer van 2022

To investigate perceptions of time and locality, Jacqueline will carry out a second public groundbreaking in Almere. Fifty years after the Floriade in the Amstelpark, the Floriade 2022 will take place in Almere. During this soil drilling, she registers the auditory response of the soil. Also, she collects the underground climate archive with which she continues to work on the necessity of sharing climate narratives, which will also be included in the exhibition. Her contribution thus consists of art in the Glazen Huis, a podcast at Land In Wording and a public research programme in the Orangerie.