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15 december 2018 - 03 February 2019


Vladimir Grafov

Beholder by Vladimir Grafov
15-12-2018 until 03-02-2019
Opening:  Saturday December 15, 4 pm—6 pm
With performances by, amongst others, the Taciturn Receiver

Zone2Source collaborates with The Warp on its annual multi media performance event in and around het Glazen Huis which will start with the installation ‘Beholder’ by Vladimir Grafov. To initiate the installation there will be several performances by amongst others The Taciturn Receiver (a collaboration between Vladimir Grafov, Lee Ellickson and Dirk Bruinsma) which will interact with the new installation.
Beholder, Vladimir Grafov
In the dark winter months, the glass cubicle of het Glazen Huis and the surrounding park area will become an inverse panopticon. A kinetic light sculpture, placed inside, will produce a deliberate play of colorful reflections in the daytime. As evening falls, it will transform and expand itself into the park by emitting the laser lines, crosscutting the trees and bushes around with a thin line of light. The evolving pattern of natural shapes will become visible to the observer. As an allegory of the panopticon, the scanning eye of the laser beams flowing through the glass windows, and the machinery behind, will become themselves the object of the observation.
The light sculpture is visible outside in the park on a daily base from 2 pm till 7 pm.

Candlemas Correlations: A Dead of Winter Festival of Lights
Saturday February 2, 2019, 6 pm – 10 pm

The Warp presents Audio Visual Spatial performances in the Amstelpark in and around het Glazen Huis. Performances by The Taciturn Receiver, Philip Vermeulen & Mischa Dams, Robbert Van der Horst and Vluchtige Bouwwerken, Mark Bain, Dirk Bruinsma and Paul Glazier
Beholder Brochure

This exhibition is made possible by:

The Glass House