testing ground for art & ecology
25 June - 10 September 2024

Between No Longer and Not Yet

Xandra van der Eijk

The exhibition Between No Longer and Not Yet by Xandra van Eijk invites to openly explore what is, who is, when is and what can be, but perhaps more importantly; how to get closer to it. Through an exhibition of existing work, new work and work-in-progress, with an extensive public programme, the project explores how to enter into critical and equal relationships with the world around us. Who are we, in the midst of change? With this solo exhibition, Van der Eijk hopes to use the local context as a protagonist, where the methods taught and to be developed can be applied anywhere. The project therefore serves as a driver of research, primarily into ourselves, but of course also artistically, academically and for the interested citizen (art) scientist

Glazen Huis

het Glazen Huis