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6 October 2013 – 1 December 2013

A Time Capsule of Life

The growth into a mature structure

Ronald van der Meijs

The Glazen Huis, 06 October – 01 December 2013
Opening Sunday 06 October , 3 – 6 PM

Ronald van der Meijs presents a new work entitled A Time Capsule of Life. In his work, in which processes of growth and decline play an important role, Ronald van der Meijs investigates the way in which nature and man organise themselves. A Time Capsule of Life is a hanging and moving sculpture whose structure is derived from a plant seed; a complete survival kit. The sculpture is constructed of plastic bags, a contemporary carrier of daily goods, which are connected to each other to form a transparent structure of cells and conduits. By connecting the plastic bags with air hoses, the bags are slowly inflated.  This is triggered by the movement of the spectators who become part of the system, allowing the seed to grow into a mature structure.

About the artist
Natural processes are part and parcel of Ronald van der Meijs’ work in which he tries to show how mankind relates to his environment through technology. For this, both high-tech and more earthly, rural construction methods are used. He is interested in the way nature organises itself and how we humans do it; the connection between growth and decay and processes of evolutionary adaptation to a changeable environment and the way humans derive technology from and develop it in response to nature and the elements. A constant factor in the work is the balance between man and machine, or between nature and culture (www.ronaldvandermeijs.nl).

Glazen Huis

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