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July 9– September 3, 2017


Pinar Yoldas

By Pinar Yoldas 
het Glazen Huis,
July 9– September 3, 2017
Workshop Speculatieve Biology July 9, 1 – 3 PM
Opening Carboniferous July 9, 4 -6 PM

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Pinar Yoldas is invited for her first solo exhibition in The Netherlands with new work which is derived from what she refers to as ‘speculative biology’.
Pinar Yoldas is an interdisciplinary designer, artist, researcher from Turkey currently based in the United States. Her work develops within biological sciences and digital technologies through architectural installations, kinetic sculpture, sound, video and drawing with a focus on post-humanism, eco-nihilism, anthropocene and feminist technoscience.
Speculative Biologies reside in the realm of the biological imagination where genomic reconstruction of living organisms is put in the service of the creation of hybrid subjectivities in order to imagine alternate realities.
Pinar Yoldas will present a two part exhibition. Her ongoing project Ecosystem Of Excess, which started in 2014, will be extended with several new objects. Ecologies of Excess is a speculative biology project that imagines future life by creating new organisms which arise from the plastic soup in our oceans.
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Carboniferous is a new project which Pinar Yoldas develops specifially for this exhibition. Using the visual vocabulary of paleobotany, marine biology and contemporary design and architecture, Carboniferous offers a fantastic journey into the world of ancient plants and life forms that have been instrumental in the formation of oil and other fossil fuels.
While the front room of het Glazen Huis establishes a connection between the ancient history and probable futures at a global level encompassing the realities of our time such as pollution and climate change, the backroom offers a glance at the molecular marvels of life through several new sculptural objects.
Workshop Speculative Biology 9 juli 1 PM – 3 PM
het Glazen Huis
Participation is free, for reservations info@zone2source.net
This workshop investigates the impact of biotechnology on contemporary art, and the artists’ response to advances in this field. Biological arts is a young, rapidly growing and a very promising feld of art, situated in the fringes of the conventional art world and the art market. Pinar Yoldas will be discussing bio-artists and artistic synthetic biology projects that imagine new future life forms. In a plausible future where designing genomes is something that could easily be accomplished within the convenience of our garden or kitchen, what new life forms, what new bodies can be designed? Can artists and designer who have tackled with this problem give us an advanced hindsight on the victories and perils of techno-scientific modification of life? In this short workshop we will survey the seemingly short history of bio-arts and design our  own speculative life forms using our imaginations of what future life on our planet might evolve into.
This exhibition is financially supported by the Stimuleringsfonds and SAHA
More information: www.pinaryoldas.info
Carboniferous Brochure