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Exploded View Symposium


Wednesday May 9, 2018

03:00 – 06.00 PM
Venue: Main Building
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Room HG 14A-20
Exploded View is an artistic research project investigating urban landscapes in transition. The project focuses on two very different heritage parks in two capitals of Europe, the Parco Regionale dell’Appia Antica in Rome and the Amstelpark in Amsterdam. Exploded View invites artists to undertake artistic research in order to unlock these urban landscapes by revealing various layers of meanings, memories and usage, as in an ‘exploded view’. Artists collaborate with scholars, students and the public in a joint effort to add new meanings to the parks and activate them for the future.
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Exploded View 
is divided in three parts:
1. Pilot in Rome linked to the CLUE+ graduate course Challenging Eternity, March 2018, and Amsterdam, Amstelpark April/May 2018,
2. Research period in Rome and Amsterdam: long-term research by artists in collaboration with researchers and students with various public events: September 2018 – March 2019,
3. Final presentation in Rome and Amsterdam, autumn 2019.
In this symposium we will launch the project and present the research concepts and methodologies that resulted from the pilot in both parks.


03.00 PM: Welcome by Gert-Jan Burgers (Professor in Mediterranean archaeology VU/director CLUE+): Introduction to Exploded View and review of the course Challenging Eternity (March 2018)
03.20 PM: Presentation of Jocelyn Kotvis and Dominique van Dokkum: Traversing the Via Appia: interdisciplinary perspectives on the heritage of the road
03.40 PM: Presentation of Maarten Davidse, one of three pilot artists of the Via Appia Park, “About seeing a different Via Appia by avoiding it”.
04.00: Presentation of Willem Tielen MA (student Cultural Studies RU in Tourism and Culture): The Via Appia in transformation – visitor’s perceptions and heritage-formation 1849-1853
16.15: Break with questions
16:25 Introduction to the Amstelpark program followed by presentation by Hans Renes (Historical Geographer/Prof. of Heritage Studies)
16.45: Presentation of Cathelijne Montens and Krijn Christiaansen Floriade Trash and Treasures, 1972-2022
17.00: Presentation of Barbara Neves Alves “About activating miscommunications in the Amstelpark”
17.15: Presentation of Jacqueline Heerema, artist/curator of Satellietgroep “Innovatory Heritage”
17.30: General discussion about innovative and common views and visions on landscape and heritage, moderated by  Alice Smits (curator Amstelpark) and  Krien Clevis (curator Appia Park)
18.00: Drinks and bites
Organisation: Interfaculty research institute CLUE+/VU University Amsterdam: Dr. Gert-Jan Burgers (Prof. Mediteranean archaeology/director CLUE+), Dr. Krien Clevis (affiliated researcher CLUE+, and artist/curator), Dr. Hans Renes (Historical Geographer/Prof. of Heritage Studies), Daniela de Paulis, (independent artist/researcher), and Zone2Source, Amstelpark, Amsterdam: Alice Smits (director/ curator and researcher LAPS)
Exploded View is organized in collaboration                 The artists who present research to the Amstelpark
with :                                                                                       are supported by:
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