testing ground for art & ecology
25 – 26 June 2022 and 2 – 3 July 2022

Machine Wilderness pop-up

Presentation of artistic research by eight artists in ARTIS

Thomas Thwaites, Driessens and Verstappen, Anti Tenetz, Ivan Henriques, Heather Barnett, Ian Ingram, Špela Petrič

Machine Wilderness pop-up in the Glazen Huis
25 & 26 June and 2 – 3 July, 2022

Eight international artists are working in ARTIS between March 11 and June 24, 2022. The artistic research is part of Machine Wilderness, an ongoing research programme by Teun Karelse (FoAm) and Alice Smits of Zone2Source. The artists, also known as ARTISTs, each stay at ARTIS for a few weeks and work at various locations in the park.

After the program in ARTIS (click here for the programme in ARTIS until 24 June), the artists will present the results of their work for two weekends in the Glazen Huis of Zone2Source.

Presentations include Thomas Thwaites ‘Harmless Car’, the Spotter, an artificial intelligence by Driessens and Verstappen who learns and fantasizes about animals (read report), Anti Tenetz’s experience with the wolves (read report), a sculpture by microbes by Ivan Henriques, a stage for host animals by Heather Barnett  (read wrap up), the robots with which humans and animals can communicate by Ian Ingram, and a work by Špela Petrič about caring for animals and plants.