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School for MultiSpecies Knowledges 2022

It is with great pleasure that Zone2Source and Open Set will hold the School for MultiSpecies Knowledges with a selected number of participants. Developed by Open Set (an alternative learning platform) and Zone2Source (a platform for art, nature and technology), the School will transform the Amstelpark into a territory for research and experimentation between 14 May and 3 July 2022. A series of public events will be held, you are invited to participate in these conversations and experiments.

Participants will meet weekly with guests to explore how we can tune in to other life forms. The Orangerie and the Amstelpark will function as a laboratory during their research. The results of the research will be revealed as an exhibition and a public programme during the last two weeks of June. The questions they will bring to their research are as follows: what tactics do we need to tune into the rhythms of other life around us? And what public formats can we develop to bring people into our explorations?


  • 14 May
    Start of the programme with a kick-off event.
  • 30 May
    Open studio with the participants of the School and Neal White & Victoria McKenzie from 11 – 17 hrs at the Orangerie.
  • 20 June
    Open studio with the participants of the School, Heather Barnett and Budhaditya Chattopadhyay from 11 – 17 hrs at the Orangerie.
  • 2 & 3 July
    Public programme.
  • 3 July
    Finissage of the School with guest Laura Cull.