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Genomic Gastronomy Garden

Genomic Gastronomy

We are very proud to announce that Zone2Source has acquired a new artistic testing garden in the Amstelpark! Last week we signed the contract to use the Amstelpark’s former seal enclosure, which will be in the hands of the Genomic Gastronomy collective for the next 2 years.

The GENOMIC GASTRONOMY GARDEN grows and interprets edible plants. It studies the technologies and ecologies of human food systems, while tasting and debating the history and future of food. The plants featured in the garden stretch the imagination towards outerspace & deep time, while grounding visitors in the here & now through a series of public activities that include community plantings, seed saving workshops, harvest parties, collaborative tastings and interpretive tours.

The first part of the Genomic Gastronomy Garden is the SATELLITE SEED SAVERS garden bed: consisting of a large dome made out of willow plants, with concentric circles of space seeds planted around the perimeter of the dome.

Friday 14 June, 4 – 6 PM
Book launch and Planting Party
starts at Park Studio (Orangerie) Zone2Source, Amstelpark

4pm: Artist talk in the Park Studio (Orangerie)
The artists will discuss their plans for the 2024 growing season and launch their new publication Space Seeds, which is about edible plants that have traveled to –or been bred for– outer space. Together we will brainstorm on how to develop the garden in the next two years

5pm: Walk to the garden: ribbon cutting & Planting Party
After the artist talk, visitors can walk with us to the garden at 17:00 for a ribbon cutting ceremony and planting party. Bring your boots and gardening gloves, as we will be working together to take measurements, move logs, dig soil and plant a garden bed for our Satellite Seed Savers project.