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Sunday December 3rd

Finissage Polyphonic Landscapes

Lia Mazzari

Sunday December 3 • 4–6 PM
With a sound event by Lia Mazzari


Lia Mazzari in the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen. Photo by Teemu Lehmusruusu

Join us on Sunday December 3rd for the Finissage of the exhibition Polyphonic Landscapes. Lia Mazzari will return to Zone2Source to present an experimental live performance on site. Using the network of live audio streams installed around the waterways of Amsterdam, we will connect with her work hydroFiles in real-time and ‘listen with’ together.

The focus on live audio streams as sonic material and geographical knowledge is part of Lia’s ongoing artistic research as well as her performance practice rooted in improvisation. On this occasion she plans to use live audio streams as a compositional tool in the form of a sound performance. Immersed in a pool of real-time sound, streaming from multiple locations above and below the water ways of Amsterdam, we will traverse together distant social sites exploring spatio-temporal relations, duration and our resonating bodies.