testing ground for art & ecology
22 April 2022 – 16 October 2022
Exhibition series

Shadow Floriade

Testing ground for art and ecology & 50 years Amstelpark

On 22 April, Earth Day, the Shadow Floriade started at Zone2Source in the Amstelpark. The extensive artistic, public programme, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Amstelpark (Floriade 1972), consists of exhibitions, excursions, workshops and new art installations in the park.

The Shadow Floriade runs parallel to the Floriade 2022 in Almere, but unlike the horticultural exhibition, in the Amstelpark the public is invited to experience new imaginings and experiences of nature, especially its lesser-known shadow side. In the shadow side, we seek the intimate, the vulnerable, and explore what it means to be human on a multi-species planet.

The 1972 Floriade took place in the same year that the report by The Club of Rome (founded by European scientists), The limits to growth (1972), was published. For the first time, it became widely known that there is an expiry date on the earth and global environmental awareness rose. At the Floriade of 1972, the largest international horticultural exhibition up to that time, there was little evidence of this. Now, fifty years later, a lot has changed and Zone2Source wants to highlight this with the Shadow Floriade.

In times of ecological crisis, can a park be a place to forge new relationships with nature?

Find all Shadow Floriade events below:

_ Soil talks

_ Field Academie
_ The Amstelpark – The trees narrate their story by Elmo Vermijs
_ Eureka! by WARP in Beatrixpark
_ Building as Being – Animal pavilion workshops by ZOOOF & Esmee Geerken
_ Our Living Soil exhibition
_ Outdoor artwork: Shadow Garden with de Onkruidenier
_ Outdoor artwork: Universe by Robbert van der Horst
_ Outdoor artwork: Contemplatorium: area for unknown rituals by Rob Sweere
_ Outdoor artwork: Camera Obscura bu Rick Abelen
_ Future Gardening workshop
_ Exhibition & program School for MultiSpecies Knowledges
_ AIR presentation by Neal White and Tina O’Connell at Nieuw en Meer
_ Open studio: Heather Barnett & Budhaditya Chattopadhyay | School for MultiSpecies Knowledges
_ Jacqueline Heerema – Dagzomen
_ Filmprogram Animistic Apparatus
_ Exhibition Perfect Nature: Amstelpark Test Site
_ Kunst-natuur walks in the Amstelpark with artist and nature guide Linda Molenaar
_ Open studio: Neal White & Victoria McKenzie | School for MultiSpecies Knowledges
_School for MultiSpecies Knowledges 2022
_ Kick-off event: School for MultiSpecies Knowledges
_ Opening Shadow Floriade
_ Home Walk by Mariken Overdijk
_ Workshop Perfect Nature – Nature’s Ghosts door Neal White & Tina O’Connell
_ Ode aan de Tuinman, video van Irene Fortuyn
_ 50 jaar Amstelpark met de Vrienden van het Amstelpark

the Amstelpark